The people of Galabria primarily worship five gods. These gods are Lilith, Bane, Leo, Leviathan, and Horus. Aside from this there are also those who worship the Archangel Aphieal and the Archdeamon Aaen, who are both detailed in the creation myth of Galabria.


Leviathan is the first of the gods. He turned his body into water to form the sea at the beginning of time.

Horus Was born when time first began to move in order to manage it from within a massive extra dimensional clockwork.

Leo was made by Horus to keep the clockwork in good repair and also to do any physical work. Leo made the dwarves with the help of Horus.

Lilith and Bane were born simultaneously when the dwarves created the first lights and cast the first shadows.

Aphieal and Aaen are also worshiped by some as gods, though this is often frowned upon.

The Afterlife

Creation Myth

The creation myth most commonly taught to the people of Galabria is questionable in it’s accuracy, though most accept it due to the sever punishments to those who oppose it.


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